• Timetable: Flexible time (recommend 11:30-5:00 pm)
  • Duration: 5 Hours.
  • Tour Style: Walking
  • Location: The Hanoi Old Quarter

In itinerary of Hanoi Street Food Tour, we will visit different eateries around Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy lots of different specialties.

 1. PILLOW CAKE: This kind of cake look similar to a pillow, so Hanoi people call it “Pillow Cake”. This is the fried cakes with filling inside, served with herbs and sauces. We will savour this cake at a eatery near the Cathedral.


Pillow Cake in Hanoi Street Food Tour

2. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP (PHỞ): This is one of the most well-known Vietnamese foods. Specially, Hanoi's Phở is the most delicious. We will taste this one at the specialized chicken soup restaurant. But please remember not to eat so much because many things waiting us.


Phở (Noodle Soup) in Hanoi Street Food Tour



We wander around Old Quarter, listen to tour guide telling about history of its and Hanoi as well. On the winding old streets and quiet residential lanes, you can witness locals’ daily life and daily work.

After savoring light dessert, we come to Dong Xuan Market. This is the largest market in Hanoi. There are hundreds of stalls with various commodity there, we can easily buy them as a souvenir with reasonable price.

Another attractive spot of Hanoi Street Food tour is Quan Chuong Gate. This gate has been one of the twenty-one city gates of Hanoi since 1749. It is not only an architectural work but also a cultural, historical and geographical vestige of Hanoi.


Destination of Quan Chuong Gate in Hanoi Street Food Tour


4. GLUTINOUS RICE FOOD: These kinds of food are also traditional Vietnamese food. Once again, you have opportunity to study how to make various kinds of food from glutinous rice. All must be very tasty! We will enjoy them at a small food stall on the way.

5. TRADITONAL HOUSE: The next spot in Hanoi Street Food Tour is Traditional House. This traditional house is located at 87 Ma May street. It is typical for the traditional architecture of the Old Quarter. It was recognized as Vietnamese National Heritage in 2004.

6. SPRING ROLLS: This is one of the traditional Vietnamese food you can’t help tasting. On every holidays in Vietnam, fried spring rolls are always the indispensable dish. Let’s enjoy their flavour the guide tell you about relating story and how to make this kind of food.



Next, we savor Vietnamese crepes stuffed with shrimp, bean sprouts which are served with loads of crunchy garnishes.

7. BEER: Now, it’s time for you to enjoy drinks. The ideal location is the “international” corner Ta Hien where every night, hundreds of foreigners and a large number of local people flock here to hang out. Enjoying local beer (draught beer) with Potato chips and watching the local daily life follow the characteristic way at the Old Quarter are the interseting experiences you have in Hanoi Street Food Tour.

8. EGG-COFFEE: It is a unique drink and a best kept secret of Hanoi Street Food Tour. You have to go through a dark narrow alley to go to a cafe. It seem to be exciting for those who like discovering. You’ll be so surprised when finding out that Egg-Coffee is absolutely delicious and different from other Vietnamese coffee.


Hanoi Egg-Coffee


9. HOAN KIEM LAKE: We will finish our Hanoi Street Food Tour by stopping at Hoan Kiem lake. You will be told about the legend story referring to Hoan Kiem Lake.

Then, you can continue discovering on your own, take a taxi or walk back your hotel under the guide's directions or ask guide for more suggestions.




  1. During 5 hours walking around Hanoi Old Quarter with Hanoi Street Food Tour, you have chance to enjoy almost Vietnamese cuisines which are specialties you can only taste in Hanoi - Vietnam. We make sure that they are extremely delicious and suitable with everyone's favor.
  2. Explore the daily life of people in Hanoi Old Quarter: Along with savoring famous dishes, Hanoi Street Food Tour gives you an opportunity to study about the daily life and daily work of local people.
  3. Enjoy unique and special drinks: With Hanoi Street Food Tour, you taste draught beer, Hanoi beer and Egg-Coffee, an extremely special drink that you can't find in any other places.
  4. Discover Hanoi’s history and culture: With visiting many highlight sites of Hanoi Old Quarter, Hanoi Street Food Tour offers you a comprehensive view about Hanoi's history and culture.
  5. Hanoi Street Food Tour is a friendly and outgoing tour. So, it is so easy for you to get new friends and communicate with locals.





  1. Inclusions: English speaking guide, all street foods, beverages, entrance fee
  2. Remark: Vegetarian option available
  3. Note: All food above are not fixed per itinerary, they can be replaced by some typical others.
Hanoi, VN