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Mid-Autumn Festival is reflected in Temple of Literature, Hanoi

Come to Temple of Literature, Hanoi this weekend, visitors will play with full moon festival with Mr Cuoi, Ms Hang, play traditional games and join the party.


The lunar Mid - Autumn festival is held at Temple of Literature, Hanoi on 3 days, from September 29 to January 1. Each night will have its own theme, respectively, quintessential autumn, reunion Autumn and Childhood Autumn. Among them, every night there are cultural activities, arts combined with food.
Here, traditional customs to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival of Hanoi people will be reappeared, such as procession of lights, lion dance, the story of Cuoi - Hang Nga, decorating the shimmering space with large stars, fruit tray presentation...



Many folk games are organized on thecampus of Temple of Literature, Hanoi such as "nu na nu nong", "o an quan, "rong ran len may", "nhay day", "ban bi" ... Participants also interact with artisans making star light, pulling lights, masks, velvet, cotton swan basket or "thi fruit" basket ...

In addition, the festival features contemporary art performances, with the participation of nearly 500 artists. In the evenings there are performances of long dress of the three designers Ngan An, Ha Linh and Duc Hung.



Artworks by artisans of three regions will be exhibited, including the Hanoi Old Moon Cake, the giant "Dragon Egg" for the first time in Hanoi, the art of pruning and presentation of vegetables and fruits, making traditional moon cake, making nuggets ....

In the program, historical researcher Duong Trung Quoc, Dr. Nguyen Nha, artisan Trinh Bach will contribute to discuss the history and atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a way to stimulate the young's pride and promote the spirit of preserving traditional cultural identity.