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Tour News

Thailand "invites" Vietnamese, Hong Kong and Singapore travelers to come to experience travelling

On the 19th of June, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and AirAsia Airlines co-organized the event "Shopping Paradise and Thai Cuisine". This is considered a strategy to attract visitors from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore to land of Gold Pagoda during Green Tourism Season through the contest "The Top Shopper".

At the press conference, Yuthasak Supasorn, the director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said: "The Green Tourism season is a great time to promote and attract visitors, stimulate the local economy and bring a lively space of travelling ". According to him, all three markets have large numbers of tourists coming to Thailand each year, generating huge purchasing power from shopping activities and experience service.

AirAsia Airlines also makes a significant contribution to the campaign. Santisuk Klongchaiya, Commercial Manager of Thai AirAsia, said, "AirAsia hơpes to save more for shopping and dining in Thailand through fare promotions. We also have other partners, including department stores and restaurants, so that travelers can use AirAsia's boarding card for incentives and other benefits. "



What AirAsia expects most through the campaign is that visitors feel welcomed to Thailand, and the activities here will meet all of their needs. Santisuk Klongchaiya expects sales, visitors from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore will help AirAsia grow by 15% compared to last year thanks to the Green Travel Season.

To do that, AirAsia offers promotional rates on 9 routes: Ho Chi Minh City - Bangkok, Da Nang - Bangkok, Hanoi - Bangkok, Hong Kong - Bangkok, Hong Kong - Chiang Mai, Hong Kong - Phuket, Singapore - Bangkok, Singapore - Phuket and Singapore - Krabi with discounts up to 50% applied for booking time from 19-25 / 6/2017 for flights depart from 19/6 - 30/11/2017. In addition, the airline also promises special promotional packages to be launched every week on