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Tour News

The 5 most attractive spots for the September 2nd holiday

In the 3 days of holiday, everyone would like to have a significent holiday, temporarily leave from the crowded city to enjoy a new space which promises full of surprise and excitement. With 5 destinations stretching across North, Central and South, you will have ideal suggestions for your stay.

1. Northwest rice ripening season

Northwest ripening rice season is the best time of the year. The spectacular spectacle of majestic winding streets or terraced fields and valleys at the foot of Sapa, Y Ty, Muong Hum, Mu Cang Chai ... is a compelling companion to the travelers who love travelling.


2. Moc Chau plateau

Have a chance to come to Moc Chau once, whether summer or winter, white fog day or the day with sun lights spread gold dreaming in the forest ..., visitors can't help amazing with the beauty of this land.

Located on the North West Road that is famous for its magnificent scenery, beautiful villages along the road and the season of wild flowers, peach blossom, plum blossom, Moc Chau also attracts people with the a little cold weather, a thick layer of fog covering the scene.



3. Phu Quy island

From the seashore of Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan, in the east - southeast direction, crossing more than 56 nautical miles, Phu Quy is an island in the middle of immense sea with fancy and dreamlike shapes. The beauty of this place enchants many visitors because of the nice beach, colorful coral reefs and the fresh, cool air.



4. Phu Yen

Would like to know how beautiful fascinated Vietnam is, the visitors must once to visit Phu Yen. Not only bring the charm of the city embracing the two mountains, Phu Yen also owns the clear lagoons, the vast beaches, amazing disk stone.



5. Western River

The Western does not have the beauty of the sea, the sand and the wind like the Central or the North, it has a simple beauty like a peaceful, rustic girl. Once feeling the charm of the West, visitors will gradually love and want to stick with it.