Vietnam country and people

Vietnam country and people

Bat Trang pottery village - the interesting experiencing spot in Hanoi tours

Over the centuries, Bat Trang ceramics (Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi) have retained the essence of spirit, the essence of the village. Bat Trang pottery is not only attracted by the rustic beauty, simplicity, innocence, respectful soul of the nation but also by good quality, durability, gloss, beauty from the traditional pottery. Bat Trang pottery village is also known as a tourist destination in Hanoi tours.



          It seems that the soul of the Vietnamese people have been artistically drawn by creativity through the motifs, drawings. Each pottery product in Bat Trang, as exhilarated by creative hands of artisans. Because of this, Bat Trang pottery became very close, lovely and special. It always brings  imprints, identities and spiritualities of Vietnamese culture. So, when joining in Vietnam tours, you can’t ignore visiting Bat Trang ceramic village.



          Bat Trang ceramics are mostly handcrafted so it is easy to distinguish it from other ceramics by looking at the patterns and patterns that are drawn. The drawing of Bat Trang ceramics has a sharp bar, unevenly defined and not the same although very beautiful. And color of Bat Trang ceramics is usually elegant, less color (one to two colors) and artisans use colors close to everyday life such as green, blue.



          In the Bat Trang village, people not only have a chance to see the unique products, but they also create their own ceramic products according to their wishes and preferences through clawing, styling, drawing. These experiences when visiting Bat Trang ceramic village make visitors a lot of fun when learning some steps how to produce the potteries