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Vietnam country and people

Dia Linh Cave - The great and charming cave in Trang an complex

Trang an Ecological Tourist Area is a famous tourist attraction. It is considered as a "Halong bay on land" with many caves, mountains, waterfalls, woods and historical relics lying alternately. Among the famous caves in Trang an, can't help mentioning the Dia Linh cave. Dia Linh cave is a beautiful stalactite cave. It is the cave with rare splendid appearance in Trang an and Vietnam.


With a length of nearly 1.500m, this is the cave with beautiful stalagmite. It is also the first cave during the trip to visit Trang an ecotourism along the Sao Khe river. The old name was Chau Bau cave, as when entering the cave, visitors will feel like treasure is fossiled. Due to the newly exploited, stalactites are intact, white, beautiful like diamonds, gold, jade. If it is lighted up, it's like a layer of sparkling mercury. All create a mysterious beauty, sacred as its name: Dia Linh.



According to legend, Dia Linh cave is very sacred. In the past, to bury treasure, people used a virgin girl as the god of the cave.

On the journey to discover the attractive destinations of the ecological tourism complex of Trang an, Ninh Binh tourism, when visiting the Trang an - Bai dinh Ninh Binh tour, you visit the Dia Linh Cave to understand much more about the historical value, the culture of this site.