Vietnam country and people

Vietnam country and people

Sinh cave, Si cave, Ba Giot cave in Trang an and the sad love story

Trang an Ecological Tourist Area is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. Trang an scenery is not only charming but also attachs to many interesting legends. Especially, Sinh cave, Si cave, Ba Giot cave attach to the legend of a romantic and dramatic love story of a guy with a princess before. 



In these caves, the stalactites create a variety of shapes such as turtle, lamp, flowers .... In Ba Giot cave there are many colorful stalactites. There is a kind of moss that grows from the ceiling downwards. Especially the stalactites in Ba Dau cave are not dry as the front caves but drenched and continue to transform, forming new shapes and shades ...




Sinh cave, Si cave and Ba Giot cave of Trang an attachs to the legend of a sad love story. In the past there was a guy who loved a princess. When he took the wedding offering to the cave to propose, she was tributed to neighbor country. He came to Ba Giot cave to have a bath, then embraced his own love and suicided in Si cave.



Trang an people say that anyone who goes through Ba Giot cave receive three drops of water from stalactites into the palm of the hand, they will be lucky in life and happy in love.

In your journey to Trang an - Bai dinh Ninh Binh, don't forget visit these special caves!