Vietnam country and people

Vietnam country and people

Trang an and the most unique spoints




Trang an complex is a particularly important national and international heritage. It has unique value of nature and culture, where the heritage converges and shines, with many of the world's most recognizable values.

1. The only dual heritage of Vietnam and South East Asia.
In the World Heritage sites of Vietnam, Trang an is a unique cultural and natural heritage. This place converges many valuable natural, unique and outstanding landscapes, which preserve the imprint of natural history (limestone age, the erosion of sea water...), Cultural landmarks (archaeological sites of prehistory and history) and traditional cultural values are being preserved and promoted by local communities. Spread over 12,000ha, this is a place where culture, history intertwine with the magic, mystery and majesty of the natural world. 



2. The most through - water caves
With 51 caves all with names associated with many stories such as Sinh cave, Dia Linh cave, Ba Giot cave, Nau Ruou Cave, Quy Hau Cave ... Trang an is the only place in Vietnam which has lots of through - water caves. The cave has a length of up to 2 km. This cave system follows in succession, forming a circle. Especially in Trang an the lakes can form many closed waterways without having to turn back. 



3. The most nique "Thi" tree
The unique tree is in Phu Khong, located in the Trang an Spectacular Complex. Throughout the 1,000 years of history, the tree looks like an elephant that shines on the lake and covers the ancient Phu Khong. The tree is small, but the root of the tree covers the rock with an area of about 10m2. In particular, what makes a unique "thi" tree is that it gives two kinds of fruit: ordinary round fruit such as the other fruit with seeds and flattened fruit  without seed. 



4. The most beautiful bird park in Trang an
It is Thung Nham bird park with natural forest ecosystems over 300 hectares, including 19 hectares of primary forest. The bird sanctuary is home of about 46 species of birds, some of which are listed in the Red Book as Giang Sen, the small Coc Den... of which two rare bird species are the Crane and Phoenix.