Vietnam country and people

Vietnam country and people

trang an - hitoric, cultural and tourist land


In the process of setting up and retaining the country, the historic role of trang an -  "sacred land" is marked by brilliant traces left behind such as: Kings Hung has the temple "Quy Minh Dai Vuong" (Temple Tran), worshiping Cao Son Dai Vuong (Mount Bai Dinh Pagoda), the Dinh, Le, Ly (X century). System of rocky mountains, forests, rivers, This is a "battle of the resistance", was the "battle bowl".  Phu Do, Phuong Khe, Dien Linh cave, Vung Tau wine, Tran temple, Especially, the two anti-Nguyen troops, trang an was the capital of the King's resistance, the Tran dynasty. It was the place where placed flag praying ceremony, opening the first battle of Giac Khau rumors of King Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue (Ky Dau spring - 1789) (Mount Bai Dinh). In the anti-French and anti-American resistance war, the cave and lake systems here have been boldly imprinted the historical role and being forever the pride of trang an people in Vietnam.



At present, there are 12 historical and cultural relics in the area, including 1 national historical site (Bai Dinh Pagoda), 1 regional festival (Bai Dinh pagoda festival) on the 6th of January.

About trang an food: variety, rich, especially "Truong Yen goat", "Tong Truong perch", "Hoa Lu fried rice", "Gia Vien srimp sauce"



From the field of natural tourism resources and human resources tourism trang an has met the conditions for the construction of a unique reputed national tourist area.

trang an ecological tourism area includes 4 functional areas:

- Center area 

- Caves tourist area

- Mountain area of Bai Dinh pagoda

- Cultural Park.