Vietnam country and people

Vietnam country and people

trang an - the hidden charming beauty


trang an is the most beautiful resort in Ninh Binh. The beauty here is naturally created trang an's beautiful scenery consists of bendful mountains surrounding the streams of natural water, creating countless miraculous, mysterious caves. Sitting on the boat you will be exploring the caves around, silently watching the rice fields on either side of the stream. A beautiful natural space to open gradually before your eyes. Visiting Vietnam, you have to once come to trang an.



In trang an, highlights are the limestone karst mountains. The entire limestone strip has several hundred tops. The mountain is dense, the mountains are located next to the mountain, long ago there has been existence of the trails of people going to the forest, the east as the latter gradually created many "thung Karst". Trang an's people called "Thong" or "Ang" such as Muong, Bai Bai, Lang Lang, Overnight, Overnight, Wine barrels, Tran temple ... In this area surveyed and measured that there were 31 thung. At the foot of the limestone mountains in many placespeople also find the frog jaws which are remnants of the sea. Therefore, Hoa Lu limestone mountains in trang an are also called "Halong on land".



At the top of the limestone karst massifs are the most common karst-kite-shaped rocks, while in the limestone blocks there are many caves. The caves in trang an are mostly horizontal, the ceiling is usually in the form of arches.



At present, there is no accurate estimate of the number of caves in trang an. The number of the archipelago caves surveyed are 48 caves with a total length of 12,226 m. The long caves are Dia Linh cave (1,500m), Sinh Duoc Cave (1,300 m), May Cave (1,200 m) ... populations of caves, caves, mountains, valleys, lakes, streams ... have created an unique "Trang An" unique "in the northern delta as well as in all regions of the country," a charming land " with many unique diverse  landscapes, a rich tourism resources.